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ClearFlow's PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology and many of its features are protected by a comprehensive family of both US and foreign patents and patent applications in major markets throughout the world, including Canada, Australia and the European Community. In the United States, PleuraFlow® products are protected by US Patent Nos. 7,854,728, 7,951,243, 8,246,752, 8,048,233 and 8,388,759. The PleuraFlow® product is the first device of its kind to effectively and reproducibly clear obstructing material from chest tubes without compromising the sterile field, and thus patient recovery. It is the only FDA 510(k) cleared device of its kind for this indication. ClearFlow's patent portfolio has been tailored not only to protect this product, but also to provide protection around this new market segment thus presenting a barrier to entry for competing products.