Clear Catheter Systems Changes Name to ClearFlow

We are excited to announce that Clear Catheter Systems, Inc. is now ClearFlow, Inc.  Our mission is to develop the best devices to proactively drain blood and fluids after surgery. We believe that avoiding the complications that accrue to retained blood and fluids leads to reduced morbidity and mortality, less pain and discomfort for the patient, and lower total cost of care in a cost-conscious healthcare environment. We are focused on helping clinicians eliminate the acute, sub-acute and chronic postoperative complications of current high failure-rate wound drainage tubes by offering the only CE marked and 510(k) cleared drainage system with Active Clearance Technology™.  ClearFlow’s patented PleuraFlow® ACT System reliably maintains chest tube patency in the critical … [Read more...]

Excitement for PleuraFlow Grows Across Canada – PleuraFlow Takes Center Stage at Three Successful Meetings in Canada

Interest in Clear Catheter System Inc. continues to spike after three strong meetings in Canada aimed at educating cardiac surgeons about PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology®, its positive impact in reducing complications related to Retained Blood and Fluids, and improving patient outcomes as well as reducing hospital costs. Led by Dr. Louis P. Perrault, Chief of Service for the Department of Surgery at Montreal Heart Institute and Professor of Surgery and Pharmacology at the Université de Montréal, the novel PleuraFlow medical device took center stage at three meetings. Dr. Perrault explained the unique technology and its benefits to the guests gathered from area hospitals across Montreal and Toronto while Clear Catheter Systems President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul … [Read more...]

Clear Catheter Systems Wins Prestigious International Innovation Award


2013 “Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions” Top Prize goes to Medical Device Start-up for PleuraFlow Clear Catheter Systems, Inc., announced today it has won the 2013 Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI) Best Start-Up Innovation Award for its medical device, PleuraFlow®, a novel system that optimally evacuates blood and fluid after surgery to speed recovery and improve patient outcomes in the ICU during the initial critical hours after heart surgery. The honor was awarded to Dr. Edward Boyle, a surgeon, Chairman of Clear Catheter Systems and an inventor of the PleuraFlow® device, which prevents chest tube clogging to minimize the problem of Retained Blood Complications after heart surgery. Clear Catheter Systems plans to expand use of its PleuraFlow® Active … [Read more...]

Bleeding after heart surgery: Better out than in!


All patients bleed in the early hours after heart surgery. The post-operative blood shed into the chest is drained through chest tubes and collected in drainage canisters. For some this is just a few hundred cc's and then it stops. For others it can be more than a liter. In these early hours after surgery great efforts are taken to support the patient until coagulation is restored and bleeding subsides. In recent era, the potential for bleeding has increased because of more liberal use of antiplatelet medications like Plavix, as well as more complex and often redo procedures. Some patients bleed more because the operation is urgent and the patient is in shock, while others bleed quite unexpectedly when coagulation problems ensue without apparent cause. And occasionally, patients bleed … [Read more...]

Improving Your Heart Program’s Bottom Line: Seven Simple Steps to Recoup Lost RBC Costs and Reduce Complications After Heart Surgery


Bleeding is one of the most common and expensive complications after heart surgery.  When a patient hemorrhages, not only does it impact patient outcomes, the hospital hemorrhages money in un-recouped expenses to manage the ensuing complications. All patients bleed to some degree after heart surgery. Shed blood is evacuated by drainage systems in the early hours after surgery while the bleeding stops. Retained blood complex (RBC) occurs when the blood evacuation is inadequate in those early hours after heart surgery. A common cause of this is chest tube clogging which  occurs when thrombus obstructs the inside of the drainage catheters placed around the heart and lungs in the early hours after heart surgery. The following are seven easy steps to help recoup costs and reduce RBC … [Read more...]

What’s your Protocol?


Proactive Protocols to Reduce Complications After Cardiac Surgery Improving outcomes and reducing costs is a continual effort in modern healthcare. For heart surgery patients, a good place to start is by focusing on something that is common to nearly all patients recovering. All cardiac surgery patients have some degree of bleeding postoperatively, and chest tubes are used to evacuate this blood from the pleural and/or pericardial spaces. Studies have shown that higher chest tube output is statistically associated with longer ICU stays, more complications, higher costs, and a greater risk of mortality. (1, 2) The tipping point in terms of patient outcomes occurs early in the recovery period, within the first six hours postoperatively, and when total chest tube output exceeds 200mL in any … [Read more...]

ClearFlow's PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology and many of its features are protected by a comprehensive family of both US and foreign patents and patent applications in major markets throughout the world, including Canada, Australia and the European Community. In the United States, PleuraFlow® products are protected by US Patent Nos. 7,854,728, 7,951,243, 8,246,752, 8,048,233 and 8,388,759. The PleuraFlow® product is the first device of its kind to effectively and reproducibly clear obstructing material from chest tubes without compromising the sterile field, and thus patient recovery. It is the only FDA 510(k) cleared device of its kind for this indication. ClearFlow's patent portfolio has been tailored not only to protect this product, but also to provide protection around this new market segment thus presenting a barrier to entry for competing products.