Small Device Brings Big Comfort to Post-Surgical Patients

By: Charles Murray, Senior Techincal Editor, Electronics & Test for Design News Recovery from heart and lung surgery may one day be more tolerable for hundreds of thousands of patients, thanks to a pair of surgeons and two engineering teams who developed a device that clears chest tube clogs. The device, shown at Design & Manufacturing Midwest in Chicago this week, changes the recovery process by eliminating the need for nurses and doctors to jockey a patient’s chest tube around in order to loosen clogs caused by coagulated blood and other fluids. “With this, there’s now a way to unclog the chest tube without disturbing the patient,” noted Karl Sprague,

Active Chest Tube Drainage System Clears the Way for Better Patient Care

By: Shana Leonard Cardiothoracic surgeon Edward Boyle was a man on a mission when he partnered with Cleveland Clinic heart surgeon Marc Gillinov to establish Clear Catheter Systems Inc. (Bend, OR). After years of observing clogs and blood clots form in chest tubes and their resulting adverse effects on patients, Boyle was determined to develop a solution that overcame this dangerous design flaw. Responding to this unmet clinical need, Clear Catheter has introduced the PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System to prevent chest tube occlusion and improve patient safety. Following heart, lung, or trauma surgery, chest tubes are inserted into patients and coupled to a drainage system in order to remove

49th Annual R&D 100 Awards

The PleuraFlow®Active Tube Clearance® System was recognized as a one of the winners of the 49th Annual R&D 100 Awards, which salute the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year.

2011 Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA)

The PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System was awarded a 2011 Medical Design Excellence Award. The Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition is the premier awards program for the medical technology community. Entries are valuated on the basis of design and engineering features that improve healthcare delivery, change traditional medical attitudes or practices, and provide enhanced benefits to the patient.

PleuraFlow® Featured in AATS ICU of the Future

Bend, Oregon – May 5, 2011 – Clear Catheter Systems, Inc., today announced that the PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System will be featured in the “ICU of the Future” exhibit at the annual American Association of Thoracic Surgery Meeting in Philadelphia. New for 2011, the ICU of the Future allows AATS surgeon members to view first hand what the future holds for cardiothoracic critical care. The PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System will be featured along with a wide range state-of-the-art technologies that advance the standard of care in the ICU. Chest tubes are used after every heart and lung procedure. The PleuraFlow® Active Tube Clearance® System is a novel chest