ClearFlow is a California based medical device company pioneering new technologies to solve the clinical problems associated with obstructed catheters.

ClearFlow was formed from the collaborative efforts of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and MDI Partners. The company’s product pipeline is based on its proprietary Active Clearance Technology® (ACT) to resolve catheter clogging in multiple medical market segments, including urinary catheters, gastrointestinal catheters, and wound drainage.

Interview with Our Founder

My quest to solve a common problem

Ed Boyle, M.D.
Cardiothoracic Surgeon

“As a cardiothoracic surgeon looking at post-surgery X-rays, I would often see the chest tube sitting right in the middle of a fluid collection. And I wondered, why is that? This tube is sitting right there, in the middle of the fluid. Isn’t it supposed to drain it? My “aha” moment came as I started making the connection between chest tube clogging and blood and fluids retention.

At the bedside, when bleeding stops abruptly, the question is, did it really stop? Or did it just stop draining? If a patient is bleeding internally, it can quickly become life threatening. As surgeons, we always discuss risks with our patients, and then do our best to help them recover after surgery with minimal or no complications. Unfortunately, complications from retained blood are not uncommon. When we do have to intervene and patient recovery is delayed, it becomes stressful – not just for the patients and their families, but for the care providers too. That’s why I set out to invent a system like PleuraFlow ACT that proactively clears chest tubes and prevents the complications of retained blood in the chest cavity after surgery.”