PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology® (ACT) is a unique system that proactively clears chest tubes and prevents the retention of blood and fluids in the chest cavity. PleuraFlow ACT is used to maintain chest tube patency and clear the pathway to a successful recovery before and after discharge.

Additional Products

PleuraFlow® Right Angle (RA)

Effective drainage with a pre-formed design.

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PleuraFlow® Extended Drainage Length (XDL)

Combines patented Active Clearance Technology with 2.5X more drainage eyelets than conventional tubes.

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PleuraFlow POD®

High capacity dry chest drainage pod featuring a built-in dual collection chamber design.

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See the difference

Side-by-side comparison shows clogged conventional chest tubes and clear PleuraFlow ACT drainage catheters removed from the same patients 24-28 hours post-surgery.

Conventional vs. PleuraFlow ACT tubes from the same patients

PleuraFlow vs. Conventional

Shown to reduce RBS reinterventions

Clinical data demonstrates patients treated with PleuraFlow ACT showed a statistically significant decrease in the rate of reinterventions for Retained Blood Syndrome (RBS) complications (43% reduction).16


Reduction in RBS with PleuraFlow ACT (p=0.0087)

Raise your standards of care

PleuraFlow ACT is easily adopted into an ICU “Best Practices” and can be implemented into your hospital’s Quality Management System as a standard of care shown to substantially reduce the risks and costs associated with Retained Blood Syndrome (RBS). Don’t let RBS block your patient’s recovery. Make PleuraFlow ACT an integral part of your practice.

Implement PleuraFlow ACT